Mathematics Children's ENRICHMENT PROGRAM
Hands-on activity books

ARZI is the brand name of a Mathematical Activity Books series.

A.   ARZI activity books provide a fun approach to develop a strong mathematical  aptitude for children from PreK- Elementary school.

B.   The goal is to teach children to love mathematics as a language of logic and science. The beginning of the building blocks of the mathematical foundation that will only    grow with time to reach high school and college.

C.  The activity books are complete with full color illustrations, a variety of mathedmatical concepts to broaden knowledge and  worksheets for the development of analytical and solving skills.

D.  The activity books are intentionally easy and informative, soon will be available in different languages. "French, Spanish, German"

E. The activity books are in series numbered as:

Arzi - Math I

Build Knowledge
Math I Books

Arzi - Math II

Learn Logic
Math II Books

Arzi - Math III

Analytical Skills
Math III Books

Arzi - Math I

Build Math foundation   Math IV Books

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About ARZI

Children Mathematics Activity Books
From inception to birth

ARZI is a beautiful cedar tree. Well known for its' strength and longevity.

  1. ARZI premium activity Books offer a unique learning experience for young children. The goal is to support early childhood mathematics development.
  2. ARZI is certified as a small woman owned business. Once the author realized the need and importance to introduce mathematics at the earliest possible age. ARZI was born.
  3. The books contain lots of fun activities like coloring, writing, tracing and much more. Children learn at their own pace and build self confidence.
  4. A variety of mathematical concepts are introduced to build knowledge.
    Work sheets to develop problem solving and analytical skills.
  5. Reward in the form of Certificate of achievement (COE) in each book. Certificate of excellence (COE) at the finish of the course.

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2017 ARZI is a National Trademark.
Nabila Bobbie Salame
Publisher and Author, Sole Proprietorship.
P.O. BOX 9892 Mclean, Virginia, 22102.
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